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Britain in Bloom is divided into various regions Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and 12 in England. Entries are made by Local Authorities, Town and Parish Councils and can vary from small Villages to large Cities. These are judged regionally by qualified judges during July each year. Results are announced during mid August.


At a local level many begin by organising a range of events and activities in their local Communities, beginning with the It’s Your Neighbourhood Awards.


Once these have been assessed, and entries have progressed to the top level, they may wish to enter the Regional Campaign.


Other entries are also invited from Caravan Parks, Pubs, Restaurants and Holiday Homes, being judged under a different criterion. This is an important element of the Campaign, and this is a huge benefit to Tourism in Wales, and the local business community.



National Britain in Bloom


Selected winners of the regional Competition are nominated by Wales for the National Competition the following year. They compete against winners of similar status and size from the other regions. These are judged in August, and once complete finalists are invited to attend the prestigious National Awards presentation usually held in late September or early October.

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